Friday, April 17, 2009


"Stop buggin'!" Many people have heard that expression over the years. Depending on where you're from, you may have heard it a lot. Urban Legend has it, the word "buggin" was first used as slang terminology in the boroughs of New York, but who really knows. Hell, who really cares?! More importantly is what it means. When someone tells you you're buggin', it means that some how you have lost your ever-loving mind. Very similar to "trippin". This tee was designed to pay homage to one of my favorite terms. Stop Buggin', Yo You Buggin', Quit Buggin'!!
Now we come to Tu Phace, a truly hilarious, and very talented individual. Tu Phace is a music artist from Philly. Who will not hesitate to bring his arsenal of Floetic Hip Hop to rock a show. "You don't know Tu Phace, but you should". In addition, he is a fan of Freekugly. The "Stop Buggin" tee has become somewhat synonymous with this dude. It's because of this video, that I crack the hell up whenever I look at the tee. As a designer, and a provider of goods it is important that I like what I create. Even still, I have my favorites and this tee in all of its simplicity is one of them. Enjoy!