Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Back by popular demand is the Freek of the Week, Mr. West. I've gotten tons of compliments on this Freekugly rendition of your favorite artist. Right now we are in the midst of Yeezy's sneaker frenzy. You gotta admit how fly the situation really is. This guy has two sneakers that hit the market, from two top company's, Louis Vuitton and Nike. Plus a clothing line to boot. You may have your opinion on how you feel about his footwear, and maybe even his overall style, but the fact remains...he's doing his thing. I give him a lot of respect for what he does as an artist, and I respect his influence in fashion. This maybe the most iconic Freek of the Week to date. We appreciate all of your responses to this character. Look for more characters from Freekugly, we've got'em!