Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What's good people. I'm back again with the Freek of the Week. I know it's kinda overdue, but it's here none the less. This weeks freek(s) are The Cool Kids, which I consider the freshest new group out. I first came across this group at the Dunkxchange in New York. While I was out there vending, they were one of the performers for that night. Good thing was, we were fortunate enough to grab a space near the stage, and could hear them loud and clear. I listened to their lyrics and was pleasently suprised when I heard references of nintendo, freestyle bikes with mag wheels, beepers, gold, and all the stuff that was hot as I was growing up. It was a new style, but not. What I mean is, it was familiar to me because I've been into hip hop since the early 80's, but hearing them in contrast to the garbage that is on the radio was a nastalgic feel. I grabbed the cd off of itunes and found it to be dope, I believe you would too.
In the beginning of the year Karmaloop had a contest to design a Cool Kids t-shirt, I entered, but the contest seemed kinda fugasi, that's another story. Unfortunately I didn't win, hell, I don't even know who won for that matter. I posted my entry on the blog thinking that I missed the deadline. It was a dope tee, and I got a lot of great reviews on it. Anyways, I believe The Cool Kids are a decent duo to get down with. If you want to sample some of their music, you can look them up on playlist.com, or imeem, but I say buy the cd, it's a fairly decent price on itunes, to be honest, I woulda paid more. Keep checkin' back for more freeks.