Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The arrival of the Air Yeezy has been anticipated for several months now by sneaker heads world wide. It's release date for the first colorway was the 4th of April with two more colorways to follow on a monthly release between now and June. Personally, I like'em, preferrably the black...but then again, who the hell am I right! This go around, Freekugly is on the job. When we first started, our mission was to offer our followers and potential followers a tee that could match back to any pair of kicks on the market. We tended to stray from that during our following seasons after our release but now we're back! This season, we're not primarily following all of the sneaker colorways, just the anticipated styles that come out. This Freekin' Yeezy pack follows the colorways of the sneaker even on down to the glow.
The pack consist of three tees, charcoal, black, and silver. I freeked out your beloved Yeezy and trimmed 'em with the sneakers color detail. The spots, logo, and lettering are done in glow-in-the-dark ink to compliment the glowing details. The first tee to match the recent drop is availible now. Each tee will drop the day before its counterpart. Stay tuned!!!