Friday, February 20, 2009


Mr. Sonny James a.k.a. DJ Statik doesn't miss a beat.  Party after party, mixtape after mixtape, he just won't stop.  I remember a short while ago, he invited me to a Little Brother show here in Philly.  He says, "yeah, I'm opening up for them, come check it out."  Never have I been skeptical because i've seen his skills before.  He rocks a party!  But still, I'm in my head like, "I never heard of a Dj opening up a hip hop show before.  So my wife and I set out that evening for the show.  We're at the place now, Johnny Brenda's, cool spot.  The lights dim, the music starts going and there's Sonny,doing his thing.  DUDE!  I'm jammin', looking is everyone else.  He's playing it all, having the whole house rockin'.  To give you a vivid picture of what it was like, he was a puppeteer in control of a crowd of marionettes.  We did as he commanded, he didn't have to say a single word to invoke crowd participation.  My point is this, as an artist, his work is elegant in it's structure.  He never leaves you wanting in with his music, his ear is impeccable.  Simply Classic is just one more mix to add to the mixtape collection.  In this mix, he has seamlessly blended together, the sounds of M.I.A., Tupac, Aaliyah, Mos Def and Busta to name a few.  As an added bonus, Simply Classic is hosted by Hezekiah, a phenomenal beat maker and lyricist.  Take a listen and understand why Simply Classic is just that!