Sunday, February 1, 2009

OH SHNAP...I ALMOST HAD IT (too bad almost doesn't count)!

Just like I said, I almost had it.  Good ol' Karmaloop and The Cool Kids hosted a t-shirt contest on their site.  The decision day was set for around the 31st of January, and the deadline for submissions was on the first.  When I first saw the contest I toiled...should I, shouldn't I.   Funny enough, I really don't do the contest thing, but I was for whatever reason, compelled to enter this one.  So I got my images together and began my work.  I finally finished the design and was proud and happy that I entered.  It came time to save my work, upload my image and submit my entry. Once that was done, I was calling everyone, "hey so and so, I entered a t-shirt design in this contest on karmaloop and I want you to vote for it."  Man, I checked that site through and through looking for my entry and couldn't find the damn thing, it wasn't there.  I said to myself, "let me check the guide lines to see if I followed all the directions to the letter," and there I saw it in light grey letters:  deadlines for all submissions are due January 1st.  Of course it wouldn't be so bad if it was like December 29th, but since it was January 29th, I was, as the French say, "sh*t outta luck."  So here it is people, my entry.  WTF?!